Drábek Milan - stained-glass

Winning exhibit
Winning exhibit from Glassmaking competition
"Art and Craft in Glass" 1994, Design M. Drabek

M. Drábek IV.IGS
Milan Drabek during 4th IGS Novy Bor in 1991

Milan Drábek – Stained-glass windows

- Stained-glass restoration
- Design and production of stained-glass windows
- Frosted glass door panels
- Design and production of luminaires
- Art-design and production

Milan Drábek studied at the Secondary school of  Applied Arts at Kamenický Šenov(1972 – 1976). In 1976 he devoted his attention to design, production and restoration of stained-glass windows, atypical glass luminaires and glass furniture. In the 90"s , as a member of glass association, Glass Forum, he attended several symposiums and exhibitions:


  • 4th International Glass Symposium, Nový Bor
  • 1st member´s exhibition, Glass Forum, Česká Lípa
  • 1st member´s exhibition , Glass Association, „Prague Glass Prize“, Mánes – Prague
  • 2nd member´s exhibition, Glass Forum, Česká Lípa


  • Exhibition „Souvstažnosti“, Brno
  • Art Glass Centre, Schalkwijk, Holland
  • 3rd member´s exhibition, Glass Forum, Česká Lípa
  • Castle Lemberk works from IGS at Nový Bor
  • Recontre Avec le Vitrail, Centre culturel de l´Estran Maubuisson, France
  • Le Vitrail d´Art, Conforexpo a Bordeaux, France


  • 2nd International Glass Symposium, Neuenburg, Germany

In 1992  was founded private studio„Vitráž“  (with Zdeněk Čáp) and has won:

  • 1994 - 1st price in the „Art and Craft“ competition, Nový Bor
  • 1995 – Grand Prix fo the Golden Crystal at the 4th  International Fair SIBO Prague fair
  • 2000 -  Grand Prix at the For Arch 2000 Plzeň fair

In 1994 he earned a licence issued by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic for the restoration of stained-glass windows.
Since 2008 he has been a Delegate of Chamber of Commerce of Czech Republic.




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